Presenter Files

Dr. Fawzi AlJowder and Dr. Mohamed AlSeddiqi– “Structure of TEVT in Bahrain”


Dr. Rachel Awad– “Supporting Quality Career Guidance in Qatar and the Region: Capacity Building in Educational Institutions”

Silatech Presentation for CNAQ Innovation Conference April 2013 updated….

Eric Chester– “How Educators Can End the Entitlement Metality Among Students and Create an Environment of Acheivement”

Christine Elizabeth Coutts and Abdulridha Jaffar Dismal – “One Side of the Equation”

One Side of the Equation20130404(vfinal)

Christine Elizabeth Coutts and Abdulridha Jaffar Dismal– “Careers Counsellors as Change Agents and Innovators”

careers advisors as change agents and innovators20130404(v3)

Dr. Firouz Darroudi and Dr. Michael Long– “Researching with the Big Guys: Community Colleges and Cancer Research”

Long and Darroudi Presentation

Dr. Ginger Grant– “Business Transformation and Innovation through Storytelling”


Ray Hoemstan– “Evolution of a College-based Research Enterprise- Fuelling Manitoba’s economic growth & community development”

UPDATED CNA Qatar – Manuscript GIC-2013-D-13-00037 – Ray Hoemsen – 20130406

Heidi Janes– From Policy to Practice: Transforming Tanzanian TVET (2010-2013)

Qatar presentation 2013

Henning Klaffke– “Occupational Standards Quality Procedure”


Jose Luis Fernandez Maure– “TKNIKAINNOVA a model for the management of innovation”


Dr. Cheri MacLeod and Cynthia Welsh– “Faculty-run Instructional Development: Instructional Skills Workshop”

Glob Innov ISW Devl

Information about ISW for Mini-Lesson Activity

mini lesson observe notes

Melanie Relton and Helen Kidd– “Creating Innovation through International collaboration”

Qatar_7_MR 2013

Dr. Sulieman A. Sulieman and Ms. Lisa Feiburg– “Regional Project on Entrepreneurship Education in the Arab States”

GIC2013 Doha SS_LF April 2013

Sajida H. Shroff– “Technical Education Landscape in the UAE: Qualifications & Opportunities.”

Technical Education Landscape in the UAE – Shroff



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